Why choose Cat and Turtle?


“The murder mystery was definitely one of the highlights of my hen weekend.” ~ Rebecca, 2017

  “We had a murder mystery for my 50th, it was brilliant! Eliese is a great host and got everyone involved, not to mention the food was delicious. We all had a great night” ~ Brian, 2017 

 “A few in our group are real ‘foodies’ and chefs and even they were impressed!” ~ Tiffany, 2016

Our values



 We have over five years’ experience providing exceptional catering for weddings, parties and events across Scotland, and our head chef has over 10 years’ experience in catering having run his own restaurant and worked in many fine dining restaurant kitchens. 

We have been running murder mystery events for over five years and have both the passion and expertise to guarantee a truly memorable evening of fine food and entertainment. 



 Our love for what we do, along with our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensures that our murder mystery events run seamlessly. 

Not only do we love cooking, we also love eating, a perfect combination of passions to ensure that every dish we serve is utterly delicious. 

Whilst our chefs are truly dedicated to creating a magical dining experience, our hostesses and staff team are devoted to ensuring that our guests are entertained so that everyone can relax and enjoy the evening. 

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 All of our ingredients are fresh and hand selected by our experienced head chef to ensure that your food is of the highest quality. 

We work closely with our customers, providing exceptional service throughout the planning process and the event itself. 

Our murder mystery scripts are specially tailored to meet our requirements and fit around a four course meal. 



Our highly skilled head chef and catering team can adapt any of our menus to suit your needs. We can also cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and allergies. We can even adapt your home to make it more suitable for hosting a dinner party by bringing additional foldable tables and chairs. 

We can travel all over Scotland to host private murder mystery parties, and can even adapt your home to make it more suitable by providing additional folding chairs or tables. 



Our head chef has over 10 years’ experience in fine dining and loves to come up with impressive, innovative, eye-catching and delicious dishes. All of the dishes on our menu are guaranteed to impress your guests both visually and gastronomically, however if you wanted something different, let us know and we’ll get creative!