What is a murder mystery party?


A murder mystery is popular themed party game. At the start of the game, a scenario is set, characters are introduced and a "murder" is staged. Each player adopts a character, usually in fancy dress, and has to unearth clues about the murder. One (or sometimes more than one!) character is guilty and it is their job to cover up their guilt, whilst the others try to solve the mystery of whodunit.  

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A murder mystery dinner is exactly what it sounds like – a murder mystery game played over the course of a meal. Four courses are served between rounds of unravelling clues and through the duration of the meal guests try to work out who the murderer is. 

Murder mystery parties are a great idea if you’re looking for a night (or afternoon!) of fun and entertainment with friends, family or co-workers. They are great for all occasions including birthdays, hen and stag dos. We have a number of murder mystery packages for 8+ players with different stories and scenarios. We have both scripted and non-scripted games, but our hostess is always on hand to help so you don't need to be an Oscar-winner to give an Oscar-worthy performance! We have something suitable any every group and guarantee each one to be murderously good fun!  


At Cat and Turtle, we host murder mystery parties all over Scotland, both public and private events. Our chef will prepare you delicious four course meal, served to you by our waiting staff whilst our hostess ensures that the games run smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy being fully immersed into the game. We provide everything you need, from the game kit and the character profiles to the tableware, cutlery and crockery. You just need to get into character! 

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