How long does it take to cook?

A hog can take anywhere from 6 - 8 hours to cook depending on size.

Please contact us to discuss logistics for individual events.

There may be restrictions as to what time we can serve the hog roast, depending on the day and your location

How far will you travel?

 We will travel anywhere within 40 miles of Edinburgh for no additional cost, however (depending on the size of the event and the package) anywhere further afield may incur an extra cost. Please contact us to discuss.  

Can you cater for vegetarians and vegans?

 Yes, of course. Our chef is highly versatile and can cook fantastic vegetarian and vegan dishes. Please contact us to find out what we can do.  

Does the venue have to be indoors?

 No, we can cook indoors or outdoors. We provide everything you need for either. If it is an outdoor event, we bring our own gazebo so no matter what the weather, you can still enjoy your hog roast.  

How do I pay?

We ask for a 25% deposit upon booking and the remainder to be paid up no later than 14 days before your event. These are payable by bank transfer or Paypal.  

Please read our terms and conditions before making a booking.

Terms and conditions

I don't want pork, can I have something else?

 Yes - of course hog is our favourite - but we can roast lamb too!

We can also do a BBQ with burgers, sausages  and assorted foods if you prefer. Get in touch for custom quotes.